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Crystal facial rollers: A skincare aid and headache reliever

Anything promoting healthier skin, relaxation and relief from migraine tension is something that is certain to grab my attention.

As a long term sufferer of migraine, a product that offers some form of relief during my time of need is an absolute must!

As a makeup artist, any product recognised for stimulating and energising the skin will always peak my curiosity; whilst on a personal level my preference for natural, clean beauty, harnessing the power of crystal will definitely get me excited!

So what exactly is the roller and how can it help?

The tool itself dates back thousands of years, found in chinese medicine as a means of boosting and maintaining skins youth.

Today, as part of a daily skincare routine, the roller can be used after applying a serum and before moisturisng; helping to reduce swelling, smooth skin and energise the complexion.

In the same way that a facial encourages blood circulation, rolling the tool across the forehead, cheekbones and jaw in an outwards direction can reduce inflammation by draining lymphatic fluid out through the lympth nodes. As blood flow is increased, any serum or oil applied to the skin is better absorbed, promoting brighter, bouncier skin.

A wonderful 100% natural face oil from brand ‘BalanceMe’ offers the perfect addition for doing just this. ‘Radiance facial oil’ tackles dehydration, dryness and pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types and age, the product aids in clearing toxins and brightening skins appearance.

If kept cool, the roller acts as the perfect relaxation tool, easing muscle tension and helping to lift the pain of headache.

Used in conjunction with essential oils, a few drops of lavender and peppermint mixed with water provides the perfect solution to soak a muslin cloth, rinse, and lay across the forehead. kept refrigerated, the cooled crystal stones can be rolled over the top of the cloth, helping to soothe pain, while the aroma calms and relaxes.

My own roller is made from jade, a stone recognised for its calming energy, elimination of negativity, conjuring of wellbeing and self love. Known to be one of the oldest healing stones of China, the stone is said to aid in detoxification.

A cleansing stone, associated with the heart chakra, jade assists the bodies filtration system, supporting the immune system and organs such as the kidneys.

If wanting to relax and calm both body and mind, a lovely way to use the crystal roller is over the top of a sheet mask after a long day or stressful week.

A great option for doing this is ‘Drops of Youth’ sheet mask from ‘The Bodyshop’. Infused with the ‘Drops of Youth concentrate’ (a serum found within the range), this fully biogradable mask will truly nourish the skin, saturating it in 99% ingredients of natural origin. The results are to die for, making skin feel smoothed, refreshed and supple.

Needless to say, I have taken to this facial tool, having noticed an improvement in my own skins texture and the variety of ways and uses in which I can benefit from using it.

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